“I think the most important thing I do is to listen carefully.”

I listen to hear the specifics of the situation each seller is facing, and, more importantly, I listen for what they need at this time in their life. I am 100% committed to making things simple and timely, relieving sellers’ stress or anxiety, and making sure they receive a fair offer.

I’ve been in the real estate business most of my life and I can promise that sellers who come to me will receive the best information for their situation, even if it’s not to my benefit. Many people already have an overloaded schedule and don’t have the time or just need relief from the stress of preparing a property to sell. They shouldn’t settle – and they don’t need to settle – just to be free of hassle while getting good value for their property.

Many property owners tell me they receive calls and letters from numerous investors and brokers, making it hard to know who to believe. I enjoy helping sellers understand their options and how I can be of service and add value. That’s why I take time to listen carefully to each seller and provide them with straightforward answers. I believe an informed client will make better decisions and will be pleased with their results. I want my clients to benefit from what I’ve learned from over 30 years’ combined experience. Above all else, I want my sellers to experience an easy transaction and walk away with peace of mind.

A Life-Long Love of Real Estate

John Sheldon has always loved the world of real estate. After earning a B.A. in Economics from University of California, Santa Cruz, John partnered with his entrepreneurial father for 12 years. He closely observed how his dad would buy and sell businesses, but always keep the real estate. Whether it was commercial or residential, John learned that success from investing in real estate took risk management, ongoing education and insightful analysis.

After moving to Portland and working in the high tech industry, John began to invest in cash-flow properties as a way to build residual and retirement income, ultimately being the principal in over a hundred Portland transactions and hundreds of property transactions around the country. Because of his desire to help others with the knowledge and experience he had accumulated as a real estate investor, John founded Equity Home Solutions LLC in 2001,  Secure Holdings LLC in 2004 and later became a licensed real estate broker, currently with Premiere Property Group, LLC.


With his expansive knowledge of the Portland market and his vast real estate investing experience, John brings talent, a unique perspective and a network of support to each transaction. Along with a friendly and compassionate style, John provides the straightforward, no-nonsense consulting and input sellers are looking for. John and his wife Stephanie have lived in Portland since 1992 and have three adult children. They enjoy hiking, travel and quality time with family and friends.

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