Are You Down-Sizing, Helping an Aging Parent or Inheriting Property?

Has your loved one moved into a senior community or passed and you are faced with handling their house, personal complexities and the financial ramifications involved?

Are you wondering or confused about the time and effort it may take to sell?

Do you have a family home and are facing the delicate emotions and anxieties of deciding what to do next?

You are not alone. Many sellers we speak with are dealing with parents in transition, or are in the process of moving into a senior community. Others are handling a property they are inheriting when a loved one passed. No matter how the situation arose, the fact remains that managing or inheriting property adds significant responsibility and complications to your life.

We’re here to make this a simple and safe transaction, and perhaps even a pleasant experience. We have found that many of our sellers aren’t aware of all their options. We educate and guide our clients so they are clear about their choices, allowing them to move forward with peace of mind.

When you work with us, you will receive:

Relief from the stress of transition. You will receive a thoughtful and personalized assessment of your situation.

Hands-on, compassionate attention. You will work with a caring team as you navigate the emotional process of letting go of a family or loved one’s home.

Expert evaluation of your property and its value. We’re experts with over 15 years’ experience evaluating and buying single family and multi-unit properties.  We continually update our real estate market research and analysis to keep pricing current.

A hassle-free experience. We buy properties “as-is” and will help keep the process simple.

An easy transition. We will help you get the best result from selling your property.

A seamless process managed by professionals. Let us reduce your stress and manage the process for you. With our knowledge and our network of resources for handling unusual situations, you can relax while we handle the heavy work of the transaction.

Contact Us today for a 30-minute consultation. We will make this a simple, straightforward process you can feel good about.