Are You a Landlord Who is Considering Selling?

Whether you became an accidental landlord through divorce or inheritance or invested in property years ago to create rental income, you’ve probably found out that at times it can be a tough job. Expenses are ongoing and can’t be avoided. Finding and keeping quality tenants is often challenging and it’s even harder to protect your property from damage. Calls for maintenance and repair can come at all hours. There are long lists of ever-changing regulations you have to adhere to and you have to become skilled at handling multiple requests. If you’ve inherited property and have built-in tenants or even tenants that are relatives, your situation can be even more complex.

Many sellers come to us because they have rental property and, while they welcome the income, they are considering transitioning away from having to deal with tenants and repairs. We’re often able to help these property owners by showing them how to structure transactions that continue to provide cash flow while freeing them from the day to day management. And, if you’re just ready to cash out and get on with living, we will offer you fair value for your property.

When you work with us, you will receive:

A hassle-free experience. We buy properties “as-is” and will help keep the process simple.

Expert evaluation of your property and its value. We’re experts with over 15 years’ experience evaluating and buying single family and multi-unit properties.  We continually update our real estate market research and analysis to keep pricing current.

A seamless process managed by professionals.  Let us reduce your stress and manage the process for you. With our knowledge and our network of resources for handling unusual situations, you can relax while we handle the heavy work of the transaction.

Contact Us today for a 30-minute consultation. We will make this a simple, straightforward process you can feel good about.